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Sticky: New Teamspeak 3 server

Update 16-02-2013 Teamspeak moved to a new host after suffering for almost a year at Fragnet. Lets see if the new host Typefrag is as good as I remember it. Link and details below.

Update 17-04-2012 Teamspeak moved to another host yet again because of retarded host with random disconnects throughout the day. Link and details below, only the port has changed.

Update 19-03-2011 Teamspeak moved to another host because of disconnect problems over the past month.
Details below have been updated.

Click this link to connect automatically.

Or alternatively use these details to set it up manually:

Teamspeak server details

Port: 4845
Password: qqq

February 16, 2013 at 00:10
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